Rethink Health Insurance with CHT

CryptoHealth is our multi-chain, blockchain-based approach to providing affordable, accessible and long-term coverage peer-to-peer financial health risk protection for hodlers of our cryptocurrency.

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Updated as of 14 March 2022

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What were building

Tokenized Ownership of Your Insurance Policy

When one buys and holds the CryptoHealth (CHT) token, they are given the choice to hold on to tokens for access to pooled community funds should the need arise, or sell them as tokenized assets

Projects die when teams quit, but we’re here to show the world that health has its own place in blockchain, and that everyone joining us is early. Trust the process that started with 1 BNB last July 8, 2022.

Project Founder of CryptoHealth

Our Strengths

CryptoHealth is, and will always be one of the most unique projects you'll see in blockchain


Our cyrptocurrency-based single pay, long term coverage model for insurance is positioned as an alternative and affordable means for health insurance


Multi-signature wallets, burned LP, unique utilities, a long-term vision for health in crypto, and a commitment to build towards mass adoption


Memes and hype slowly dwindle and fade, but genuine utility will keep projects relevant as more people adopt blockchain technology


Our build spans development phases that can’t be measured in months. Trust the process, HODL, and see how diamond hands will be rewarded


Operational costs can make or break a project. Ours is low enough to allow funds to be funneled towards making more liquidity and growing our Treasury


Blockchain transactions are transparent, and at the end of the day, CryptoHealth just needs to pay what we commit we’ll pay

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Our utilities

Trade, HODL or Donate your CHT

We redefine what it means to Hold On for Dear Life (HODL) by making the benefits of supporting our portfolio of tokens long-term outweigh the risks of “unrealized” losses from trade

Protection from Financial Risks

Be allowed to claim from the Treasury to reimburse a portion of costs of hospitalization, laboratory work-up, mental health consults and other events

Access to Medical Services

Gain free access to public health care by HODLing our tokens or use them to pay for subsidized access to a global network of competent and caring health professionals

Grow Hodings by Donating

Donate your CHT to community vetted health facilities and medical researchers and be provided with MORE tokens once you reach a donation threshold

Be Rewarded by Just Hodling

Each token released under the CryptoHealth portfolio gives out a portion of the buy and sell fees back to the holders. Watch your holdings grow while you witness our growth

Our commitment to all our hodlers

Continuous and sustainable growth from a crypto project to a company delivering blockchain-based services that matter

The CryptoHealth Roadmap comprises four distinct development phases, each representing the progressive evolution of the utilities our project provides to the market. 

These include CryptoHealth’s journey as:

A Token, which launches CHT and starts Treasuries unified by our unique health insurance policy

A Portfolio of tokens, which opens to more claimable events and further expands our utilities

A Service, which enables us to provide health consultation and donation services using our tokens

An Institution, registered and able to transact with both public and private entities at a  much larger scale

The CryptoHealth Portfolio

Tokens with Burned Liquidity, Designed For Ecosystem Sustainability

Governance Token

The CHT Token for launch in the Ethereum Network. Aimed at providing exposure to Ethereum traders, 100% of collected fees to be used for generating marketing funds, supporting Treasury Pool development, and funding of initiatives such as health promotion campaigns and health infrastructure development. This will also allow for voting rights for crucial project decisions, and provides special perks made for individuals who HODL the Insurance tokens, provided that they perpetually HODL without sells or transfers.

Insurance Token

The CHT Token initially launched in BNB Chain last July 2022, and for launching in at least 4 more EVM chains starting with the Fantom Network in July 2024. These deflationary CHT tokens allow its holders to claim for health insurance from a Treasury that grows with each buy and sell from the smart contract. Reimbursements are computed based on a special set of terms prepared by the Project Founder and are designed to provide a sustainable, long term coverage yet single payment model for crypto-based health insurance.

Support Token

Support tokens are an expansive line-up of BEP-20 tokens for launch in the BNB Chain Network. These will reward CHT holders with perks that improve and upgrade the claims process by providing higher multipliers, shortening HODL requirements, providing additional claim amounts, and allowing for reimbursement of other medically-related events besides hospital admission. HODL at least 10,000 units for 3 years to unlock the perk. HODL and never sell at least 1 Governance Token to shorten Support Token HODL requirements to 1 year. 

Single Pay and Long term Coverage

Peer-to-peer Community Insurance Policy based on Ownership of Tokens

Traditional Insurance

  • Recurrent and continuous payment of premiums for insurance coverage
  • Increasing premiums as the policy holder ages
  • Exclusions and/or limited coverage based on age, comorbid conditions and history of substance use
  • Geographic limitations on coverage
  • Single use of health insurance benefits
  • Limited ability to claim cash back following non-use of paid health insurance premiums

CryptoHealth Insurance

  • Single purchase and non-transfer of CHT tokens or Liquidity Pair tokens to be eligible for coverage
  • Estimated claimable amounts increase as a holder continues to HODL tokens and LP tokens
  • No exclusion criteria for eligibility
  • Claim from the Treasury as long as the holder meets HODL requirements, proves wallet ownership and occurrence of insurable medical event
  • Option to sell tokens and LP tokens at anytime to fund other financial expenses
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Launched July 8, 2022
1,000,000,000 Supply

70% of Supply to Liquidity
15% of Supply to Dead Wallet
15% of Supply Locked in Pink Sale Finance

100% of Initial LP Tokens in Dead Wallet

5% Maximum Wallet Hold
1% Maximum Transaction Limit
5% Buy Fee | 5% Sell Fee | 0% Transfer Fee
Cryptohealth [ethereum]
Target Stealth Launch: 2024
100,000 Supply

50% of Supply to Liquidity
25% of Supply Locked for CEX Listings
20% of Supply in Treasury
5% of Supply to Dead Wallet

50% of Initial LP Tokens in Dead Wallet, 50% in Treasury

3% Maximum Wallet Hold
1% Maximum Transaction Limit
3% Buy Fee | 4% Sell Fee | 0% Transfer Fee
Cryptohealth [fantom]
Target Fair Launch: 2024
1,000,000,000 Supply

50% of Supply to Liquidity
20% of Supply in Treasury
10% of Supply Locked for Super Healthies
10% of Supply to Dead Wallet

50% of Initial LP Tokens in Dead Wallet, 50% in Treasury

3% Maximum Wallet Hold
1% Maximum Transaction Limit
6% Buy Fee | 6% Sell Fee | 0% Transfer Fee